A Major Private Hospital, Birmingham

Location: Birmingham, a major private hospital
Requirement: Securing premises from break-ins and theft
Solution: Force-proof doors & IP CCTV

The Requirement


“Forced entry to buildings and the theft of anaesthetic gas-bottles is currently a particular problem for hospitals and medical centres. We need to both deter and prevent break-ins.”

Hospital gas-bottle storage areas are particularly vulnerable. They are often housed in buildings or annexes which have external doors and in locations without lighting or passers-by. It is also necessary for doors to be louvered to prevent the dangerous build-up of any gas leaks. Using louvers instead of solid panels inevitably compromises the security of the door.


The Right Solution


After surveying the premises, the team devised a two-fold solution. We installed a special version of our exterior louvered security doors, which are rated to resist attack for 20 minutes. In addition to this physical security measure, we installed the latest HD CCTV, ensuring that assailants are both deterred from breaking-in, and delayed long enough for high quality video evidence to be recorded.

Our replacement Single Louvre Steel Doors typically include the following features:

• 3mm Galvanised Steel Welded Louvres
• 8mm Anti-Jemmy Strip Welded on the inside and outside
• 2 No. ERA Fortress Deadlocks (Master Leaf)
• 1 No. ERA Fortress Sashlock (Master Leaf)
• 2 No. Heavy Duty Drop Bolts (Slave Leaf)
• Full Length Stainless Steel Piano Hinge

They have also been tested to (and exceed) the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) standard LPS1175 SR3 (the LPS 1175 test stipulates the allowable tool-set and minimum time at each security rating level to prevent forcible entry through a building element).

The CCTV element comprised Avigilon HD cameras, linked to a new IP system and cutting edge technology, allowing for easy review and analysis of video.

The Result


Whilst we generally find that these measures deter attempts at forcing entry, this system was recently ‘real world’ tested. One of the installed doors was attacked in an incident which was recorded on CCTV. After 40 minutes of sustained assault, the doors remained un-breached. The attackers gave up and moved on to another hospital (which was not protected), where they successfully gained entry. Following this intrusion, assailants later returned to the same unprotected hospital and gained entry once again.

We have subsequently installed 36 of these security door systems at 28 hospitals owned by the same group.

Our Service


With over 37 years of experience, The Bloomfield Group has grown to be a leading specialist in the design, installation and maintenance of electronic security systems, often in the most demanding of environments. In recent years, our service has developed to include physical security, manned guarding and fire detection, allowing us to offer total security solutions. A strong management team with excellent technical and marketing experience, coupled with the use of cutting-edge technology, keeps us at the forefront of the security industry, ensuring that customers are offered the very best, most cost-effective solutions.

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